Friday, June 24, 2011

HobbyKing AX-2306N-2000 motor review

Recently I've been using HobbyKing's AX-2306N-2000 motor in a couple of my projects, so I thought I'd throw together my thoughts about the motor.

Why did I buy the motor in the first place? My friends and I got into scratch foam boats. We discovered that smaller props made life easier. I found the cheapest high Kv motor I could find, which happened to be the AX-2306N-2000. I, then, bought a couple of them. Now, if you haven't seen 'Das Boot vs the world', I suggest you look it up. I've flipped the boat, submerging the motor in water, and the motor shows no sign of damage.

Moving on, I threw the motor in a failed delta wing, and then my scratch built dollar store foam F-22. Now that I have used the motor in 3 different applications, I present my video review.

In the video I flew the motor with the H-KING 10A Fixed Wing Brushless Speed Controller, GWS DD-5043 Prop, and a 20C 800mAh 3S LiPo.

Thoughts about the AX-2306N-2000

The good:

  • Incredible deal. For being the cheapest motor from HobbyKing, it is surprisingly good. The motor is a perfect match for a cheap ESC, cheap-ish batteries, and small .5lb to 1lb planes
  • Medium Small motor, works great with cheap GWS 5043 propellor
  • I think they underestimated the power rating of the motor. I have yet to get the thing warm.
  • Comes with mount, lock nuts, and washers
  • Smooth part of shaft could be used with propsaver or other prop adapter if shaft were cut

The not as good:

  • Motor shaft is long. Really long.
  • Kinda ugly (no sexy blue/red/gold trim)
  • No included connectors
  • Axial play in shaft

The verdict:

Buy a couple! I've gotten a ton of use out of mine. The have survived several wrecks and being submerged in pond water. The AX-2306N-2000 hits a perfect price point for a cheap RC setup.

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