Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Crazy Creation! The Dual Motor, Differential Steering RC Airboat Utilizing the Turnigy 9X User Mixes

Finally got around to throwing a video together of my latest creation, the dual motor, differential steering RC airboat!

The Video

Explanation of the Turnigy 9X Mixes to Accomplish Differential Steering

I had to use 3 mixes in order to accomplish the differential steering. First, I had to pick a channel for the other ESC. I used channel 7 and made sure none of the switches controlled channel 7.

User Programmed Mixes

  1. Throttle (Channel 3) -> Channel 7 (Aux)
  2. Rudder (Channel 4) -> Throttle (Channel 3)
  3. Rudder (Channel 4) -> Channel 7 (Aux)

Quick Video of the Mixes


Using differential steering can catch you off guard! Once you set the mixes, if you bump the rudder, one of the motors will turn on! Try not to lose a finger. Also, as the battery drains, you will lose the ability to steer. Don't get caught downriver without a paddle!

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